2024 Contest Expert Talk: Asia and Southeast Asia

06 December 2023

Are you a photojournalist or documentary photographer from Asia or Southeast Asia interested in entering the 2024 World Press Photo Contest?

Join our online expert talk on Wednesday 6 December for information and tips on preparing your entry. The webinar will be hosted by the World Press Photo team, 2023 Contest Southeast Asia and Oceania jury member Veejay Villafranca and 2023 Contest Long Term Project Award winner Anush Babajanyan.

We will give you an overview of the 2024 Contest entry process, share insights on how to effectively submit your best work, and answer all your questions so you are ready to enter the contest. Entries open on 1 December 2023.

The expert talk will take place online over a Zoom Webinar and is free for anyone to attend upon registration. You are welcome to submit your questions in advance by emailing contest@worldpressphoto.org, or ask them during the Q&A session at the end of the talk.

We want the 2024 Contest to be a platform that reflects the important stories that were made across the world this year. This event is part of a series of webinars organized to encourage more photographers from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Southeast Asia to enter the contest. See all expert talks. 

Wednesday 6 December

15.30 Iran
17.00 Pakistan
17.30 India
18.00 Bangladesh, Kazakhstan
19.00 Thailand, Indonesia
20.00 The Philippines
22.00 Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)


Free online event - Register here


Veejay Villafranca, the Philippines, photographer, adjunct lecturer and 2023 Contest Asia and Oceania jury member
Anush Babajanyan, Armenia, photographer and 2023 Contest winner Long-Term Projects Award
Photo (top left to right): Veejay Villafranca by Joelle Villafranca; Anush Babajanyan by John Stanmeyer. Photos (bottom left to right): Anush Babajanyan alongside her 2023 World Press Photo awarded project during the Winners’ Program in Amsterdam; Brent Lewis, photo editor for The New York Times and Anush Babajanyan in discussion during the portfolio reviews as part of the 2023 Winners’ Program. Credit: Frank van Beek, ANP.