Identify, support and educate new talent

Through our programs, the World Press Photo Foundation encourages diverse accounts of the world that present stories with different perspectives. We showcase those stories to a worldwide audience, educate the profession and the public on their making, and encourage debate on their meaning.

African Photojournalism Database

A directory of more than 500 emerging and  professional African visual storytellers, created to help photographers better connect to the international media economy.

Joop Swart Masterclass

Our best known educational program for emerging and early-career image makers in the field of documentary photography, visual journalism, and visual storytelling. 

Past programs

Solutions Visual Journalism Initiative

An initiative to promote and produce visual journalism with a solutions focus.

West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship 

A fellowship for three emerging photographers to contribute to visual journalism in and about West Africa. 

6x6 Global Talent Program

The program connects visual storytellers, who may not be well known outside of their region, to a global audience.

Tim Hetherington Fellowship

The World Press Photo Foundation and the Tim Hetherington Trust are committed to honoring Tim's legacy through an ongoing, cooperative partnership.

Images credits (left to right, top to bottom): Gulshan Khan; Pat Kane; Celia Talbot Tobin; Nuits Balnéaires; Tomas Ayuso; Josh Begley.