Regional partnership announcement

The World Press Photo Foundation and Drik Picture Library, Bangladesh announce partnership for Asia region

In line with a new strategy that focuses on increased visibility and connection in regions around the world, this partnership will allow World Press Photo Foundation to better connect to local networks and provide more regional visibility for local photojournalists and documentary photographers. Drik will provide local knowledge and contextualization of the World Press Photo Contest to the local photography communities.

World Press Photo and Drik will start to work jointly on the contest outreach and judging activities in the region, and later on regional educational programs and funding opportunities. In addition, Drik will become the host of the Dhaka exhibition. Drik will also support World Press Photo with developing more regional exhibitions in Asia, and assist with communication campaigns in the region.

Joumana El Zein Khoury, executive director of World Press Photo Foundation:

"We are grateful to have the opportunity to work together with Drik, as the leading photography institute in the region, to learn from them and share their knowledge, expertise, and network activities to connect to the local photography community in the region truly. By combining our activities we can make sure to more clearly see the stories and hear the voices from the region."

Shahidul Alam, managing director of Drik Picture Library:

“Drik was set up to challenge the stereotypical representation of our peoples and cultures. Locating the epicentre of the regional contest in Asia is a giant move in that direction. World Press Photo is a hugely respected entity in global photojournalism. Teaming up with them not only allows a synergy between these two impressive organizations but also signals a conscious move towards greater diversity and inclusion that photojournalism must embrace.”

About Drik Picture Library

Drik, Bangladesh is an independent media organisation committed to challenging social inequality. Established in 1989, it specialises in art, media and communication for local and global audiences. Known for its creativity and innovation, this award winning agency gave rise to the world renowned photography school, Pathshala; the best known photo festival in Asia, Chobi Mela, a role model that subsequent festivals in China, India, Singapore and other Asian countries have been built on; and Majority World, a ‘fair trade’ photo agency.
The pursuit of an egalitarian and non-militaristic world where the dignity of all human beings is valued has been a central principle of Drik. It has done so, by creating a nurturing environment where storytellers, artists, activists and scholars have been able to speak truth to power and challenge oppression in all forms, while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism. 

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Image credit: Suman Paul/Drik